Dr. Puziss provides treatments for a wide variety of common orthopedic issues

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The Shoulder

Dr. Puziss shoulder presentation gives great insight to shoulder injuries and concludes with treatment options for a a variety of
common shoulder issues. Read more>>

Knee Osteoarthritis

There are many nonsurgical treatments of knee arthritis. At any age, it is best to attempt conservative treatments without surgery, whenever possible. In order to permit an active lifestyle, treatment of knee arthritis is imperative Read more>>

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and Its Symptoms 

Cubital tunnel syndrome is a condition brought on by increased pressure on the ulnar nerve at the elbow. The nerve is positioned right next to the bone and has very little padding over it, so pressure on this can put pressure on the nerve. Read More>>

Disc Problems Resulting in Neck pain

Neck pain radiates along the nerve pathways. There are several possible reasons for neck pain… Read more>>

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and its Symptoms

For some people, the stress and strain of constantly doing the same thing with their hands causes the tendons that run through the carpal tunnel, from their wrists into their hands, to become swollen. Read more>>

Common Issues With the Rotator Cuff 

The muscles and tendons in your shoulder make up your rotator cuff . These muscles and tendons connect your humerus bone with your shoulder blade. Read more>>